Friday, May 22, 2015

6 Steps to Lose Belly Fat Naturally

What steps need to make in order to lose belly fat naturally?!

There are many ways to get rid of unwanted fat on the abdomen. These 6 steps will definitely help you get rid of belly fat in a completely natural way.

1.    Cardio Exercise
Sit-ups and push-ups help on the way to a flat stomach and losing belly fat, but not if they are not to be combined with cardio exercise. Abs will form the abdominal muscles but you will not lose fat on your belly. Select from cardio exercise - jogging, running, swimming or aerobics. After thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise, doing sit-ups and push-ups. After 21 days of this exercise, you will notice that the fat melts and your stomach looks flatter.

2.    What to Eat to Lose Belly Fat
In addition to cardio exercise, you must change the nutrition and take care of what you type in the body. Fruits, vegetables and proteins from tuna and chicken are healthy and do not create fat. Excessive intake of carbohydrate and sugar is not recommended because the excess ends up right on your stomach. They recommend the salads, fish and other light foods that are easily digested. Drink as much water and avoid chewing gum, carbonated drinks, alcohol, snacks, fast and fried foods. Avoid meals before bedtime - metabolism slows down considerably when we sleep and the food you eat two hours before going to sleep can be an additional source of calories that will end up in your stomach.

3.    Do not starve
Your nutrition should include foods that are not high in calories, but do not overdo it! Starvation will not help and usually has the opposite effect, so will your belly look bigger. Starvation leads to increased release of stress hormones that control blood sugar levels and your body can not answer that deposition of calories just to stomach. Therefore you will not reduce belly fat, but increased.

4.    Correct Posture
Your posture has a huge impact on the look of your stomach. Even women who have a perfectly flat stomach, poor posture can cause upset. Pay attention to posture when standing, sitting or walking. Straighten your back, shoulders and neck hold upright. Proper posture will look slimmer and more attractive. But, at the same time stay relaxed, so you do not look stiff like lead soldiers. Exercising your back can further help to correct posture.

     5.   Control your Stress

Stress and anxiety have a negative impact on health in general, even the fat on your stomach. Excessive secretion of stress hormones causes additional fat. Relax and flatten your belly to perfection.

     6.   Drinks to Lose Belly Fat

You need to drink plenty of fluids. I do not think that drinking carbonated and alcoholic drinks, but to drink plenty of water. Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day, if you can not so much water to drink per day, the same effects as the water have the juice from fruits and vegetables as well as herbal teas. It is logical that the amount of water depends on how much you weigh and how much you are physically active during the day. In addition, when the warmer days you lose more fluid through sweating, and the lack of need to compensate. So do not strictly hold recommendation to drink eight glasses of water a day, because in certain situations and that number needs to increase…
Water in some ways helps to lose belly fat. Scientists have come to the conclusion that the consumption of water associated with the acceleration of metabolism. In one study it was found that when people drank half a liter of water burn 30% more calories than a person who did not drink the water. Water provides the body the necessary energy.


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